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    Finding Strength In Others

    Story I wrote in the Winter of 2013 about a witnessing a friend go through a difficult time.  Piece was submitted to Notre Dame Magazine's Young Alumni Essay contest and selected for publication on their website
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    Startup blog promoting entrepreneurship and interesting startups from around the country. Site features interviews with founders as well as resources for those interested in the subject of entrepreneurship 
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    Laundrymate profile piece

    Article profiling a new on demand laundry startup launching in Chicago called Laundrymate.  Became one of the most viewed posts of the week on Built In Chicago's site and amassed 2,500+ views in the first month

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           Guess Who         "Friends Edition"

    A leftover board game, some serious Facebook scanning, and a few hours of photoshop lead to this creation
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    Shot Glass Business

    Recreated the logos of several residental dorms in Photoshop. Worked with a manufacturer to produce the various models.  Sold 200+ units over 2 months 
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    Coaster Coffee Table

    Collected dozens of coasters during semester abroad program in Dublin, Ireland.  Found appropriately sized table on Craigslist, arranged and glued the coasters to my liking, and had a piece of glass sized and cut for the table top
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    Kitete Learning Center

    Turned an abandoned room in a school I was teaching at into a library and learning center.  Painted the walls and trim.  Worked with carpentry teacher to estimate and blueprint the shelves, tables, and chairs. Outfitted the center with maps, supplies, and books from a non profit
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    Atlantic Medical Website

    Designed the company website for a regional supplier of high tech medical respiratory equipment. Worked with company leadership to confirm the design, layout, and goals of the website
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    NFL Playing Cards
    in Photoshop

    After a couple months of self taught photoshop, I began designing playing cards with NFL team and player themes.  #FlyEaglesFly
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    SubScribble Website

    Designed the website for a subscription management tool.  The concept won 3rd place after it was pitched at a Chicago Startup Weekend.  check out the site:  http://www.subscribble.co/
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    Startup Roadshow

    Podcast dedicated to finding and profiling some of the most interesting startup companies from various cities around the country.

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